Dan Brin

President,Co-Chair,Board Member At-Large,Committee Chair (Executive, Ad Hoc)
Email: Dan.Brin@westhillsnc.org
Term Ends: 2018
Stakeholder Type:
Resident and/or property owner
Journalist, speechwriter, copy editor, graphic designer
President/Co-Chair, Communications (co-chair, Guest Speakers: (co-chair), Zoning & Planning, Santa Susana Mountain Area, Elections, Neighborhood Beautification, Bylaws, Budget First elected November 2003. Other Projects in the Community:
  • Chair, Cinema Heritage Project
  • Committee member, West Hills Fall Fest
  • Liaison with 10 other Neighborhood Councils in Region A
  • Volunteer debate coach and judge
  • Committee to Ban Billboard Blight
  • West Hills Optimists
  • Block captain, Neighborhood Watch.
Other Favorite Causes:
  • Eliminating those advertising trailers
  • Expanding the urban forest
  • Getting our streets paved
  • Stopping reckless development and protecting open spaces

Goals in and for West Hills:
I am passionate about West Hills - passionate about making government work better for our residents and businesses, passionate about preserving open spaces, passionate about nurturing awareness, pride and participation in our community.

I dream of an even more beautiful West Hills, a place where the arts can flourish and where every individual is heard, respected and honored. From the time I was first elected to the Board in 2003, I have been deeply involved in almost every committee and project of the WHNC. As co-chair of the Communications Committee, I design and create our banners, placards, business cards and stationery. I write the contents of our monthly page in the West Valley News. I help organize the West Hills Fall Fest, as well as Clean Up West Hills and many other events and activities.

I am proud of my community and pledge to work even harder on its behalf.


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